Mathematics Education Research

My research interests in mathematics education are in the teaching and learning of undergraduate mathematics. I am currently interested in students' notions of justification in early undergraduate mathematics and implications for teaching proof.  I am also interested in equity in undergraduate mathematics - creating equitable learning opportunities for all students at the undergraduate level.

As a graduate student, I assisted on the NSF-funded grant, The Role and Use of Examples in Learning to Prove (Eric Knuth, Amy Ellis, and Orit Zaslavsky, PIs). On this project, I conducted over 30 task-based interviews with middle school students, high school students, undergraduates, and mathematicians to investigate the roles that examples play in the development and proof of conjectures.

Journal Publications:
Refereed Conference Proceedings:
  • Lockwood, E., Lynch, A. G., & Ellis, A. B. (2015). Exhaustive example generation: Mathematicians' uses of examples when developing conjectures. In Fukawa-Connelly, T., Infante, N. I., Keene, K., & Zandieh, M. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education. pp. 216-230. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Lockwood, E., Lynch, A. G., Ellis, A. B., & Knuth, E. (2014). Mathematicians' Example-Related Activity in Formulating Conjectures. In Liljedahl, P., Oesterle, S., Nicol, C., & Allan, D. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of PME 38 and PME-NA 36, Vol. 4, pp. 129-136. Vancouver, Canada: PME.
Conference Presentations: