In 2016, my colleagues and I received a grant from the California Department of Education to develop a new fourth-year high school course as an alternative to Precalculus/AP Calculus. The course, Transition to College-Level Math, has now been taught in Monterey County and Stanislaus County high schools to over 2000 high school students. We also provide professional development each year for new teachers interested in teaching the course, with 41 teachers completing our PD as of 2023.

During the 2021-22 school year, I led a team of faculty from CSUMB and Hartnell College to implement Standards-Based Grading in Calculus I. This work was supported by the California Educational Learning Lab, who have recently awarded us a follow-on grant to further implement Standards-Based Grading in other Calculus-sequence courses during 2023-2025.

In 2022, my colleagues and I were awarded a California Educational Learning Lab grant to institutionalize faculty development structures in the Department of Math/Stat at CSUMB. This work builds on our past successes in department faculty development and will ensure that all faculty have the support they need on an ongoing basis.